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Square Reader for Contactless + Chip
Square Reader for Contactless + Chip
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"Ortigia Zagara Orange Blossom Square Candle"
"This luxurious Orange Blossom scented candle has been created using perfumes from plants and minerals found in Sicilia. Beautifully presented in a decorated square glass container and infused with scent of the essential oil from the flower of the Orange Tree, infused with Neroli Pettigrain and wood based tones, the Ortigia Orange Blossom Candle will infuse the room with a delightful Mediterranean fragrance."
Price: 28.0

"Ortigia Fico d'India Square Candle"
"Enriched with a heady fragrance of fig and cedar perfume, the Fico D'India Square Candle by Ortigia is a must-have for any home. The signature jar is imprinted with a black silhouette of palm trees and leopards, enveloping the candle's pale green wax. - R.H Ortiga is a small Italian soap and scent company, which was founded in Sicily in 2006 by Sue Townsend. Using only natural products and inspired by the aesthetics, colours and scents of Sicily, the brand delivers a range of luxurious soaps, scents, creams, candles and lotions. Please Note: The candle burns for 18-20 hours."
Price: 28.0

"NEOM Organics Feel Refreshed Standard Scented Candle"
"Containing natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrances, the NEOM Organics Feel Refreshed Standard Scented Candle boasts a stimulating, rejuvenating aroma designed to encourage clear thinking, filling the air with natural goodness. With a burn time of 35 hours, it's formulated with extracts of Sicilian lemon and fresh basil with light undertones for a clean, ripe scent. Free from toxins, the Feel Refreshed candle is made only from the purest ingredients. K.D."
Price: 30.0

"DefiLift 3D™ Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care"
"Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care"
Price: 32.00

"Mélatogénine™ Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask"
"Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask 75ml"
Price: 45.00

"Aquamemory™ Moisture Replenish Cream"
"Moisture Replenish Cream 50ml"
Price: 47.00

"DefiLift 3D™ Perfect Design Redefining Performance Cream"
"Redefining Performance Cream 50ml"
Price: 86.00

"DefiLift 3D™ Throat and Décolleté Lift Cream"
"Throat and Décolleté Lift Cream 50ml"
Price: 63.00

"White Plan™ Protective Cream 50ml"
"Protective Cream 50ml"
Price: 52.00

"White Plan™ Lightening Eye Concentrate 15ml"
"Lightening Eye Concentrate 15ml"
Price: 46.00

"Serenite™ Multi Protective Cream"
"Multi Protective Cream 50ml"
Price: 63.00

"DefiLift 3D™ Eye Contour Lift"
"Eye Contour Lift 15ml"
Price: 54.00

"DefiLift 3D™ Resculpting Lift Cream"
"Resculpting Lift Cream 50ml"
Price: 86.00

"Nutriactive™ Mediation Rich Cream"
"Mediation Rich Cream 50ml"
Price: 45.00

"Aquamemory™ Moisture Replenish Concentrate"
"Moisture Replenish Concentrate 30ml"
Price: 51.00

"Age Benefit™ Perfect Serum 30ml"
"Perfect Serum 30ml"
Price: 103.00

"Age Benefit™ Integral Regenerating Concentrate"
"Integral Regenerating Concentrate 30ml"
Price: 67.00

"Age Benefit™ Integral Regenerating Cream"
"Integral Regenerating Cream 50ml"
Price: 97.00

"Cleansing Cloth 3 for 2"
"Worth £30"
Price: 20.00

"Age Benefit™ Integral Regenerating Cream Dry Skin"
"Integral Regenerating Cream Dry Skin 50ml"
Price: 97.00

"Age Benefit™ Integral Regenerating Cream Dry Skin"
"Integral Regenerating Cream Dry Skin 30ml"
Price: 59.00

"AquaMemory™ High Hydration Cream Mask"
"High Hydration Cream Mask 15ml"
Price: 8.00

"Age Benefit™ Integral Regenerating Eye Cream"
"Integral Regenerating Eye Cream 15ml"
Price: 65.00

"Mélatogénine Cleansing Collection"
"Deep cleansing for bright and radiant skin"
Price: 29.00

"Mélatogénine™ Advanced Rejuvenating Cream - Travel Size"
"Advanced Rejuvenating Cream"
Price: 18.00

"Mélatogénine™ Futur Plus Mask - Travel Size"
"Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask"
Price: 10.00

"Little Luxuries"
"Seven heroes in the perfect stocking filler"
Price: 29.00

"Age Benefit™ Ultra-regenerating Night Elixir"
"Ultra-regenerating Night Elixir 15ml"
Price: 99.00

"Mélatogénine Rejuvenating Collection"
"A powerful preventative daily skincare regime"
Price: 76.00

"Age Benefit™ Ultra-regenerating Night Elixir"
"Ultra-regenerating Night Elixir 30ml"
Price: 164.00