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"LG HG2 LiMn 3000mAh 18650 Battery"
"DescriptionThe LG HG2 rechargeable 18650 battery.  This battery is lightweight but at 3000 mAH with a higher capacity and great discharge capacity.Kit Contents1 x LG HG2 18650 LiMn 3000mAh BatteryFeaturesHigh Drain- 20A constant current,Nominal Capacity: 3000mAhNominal Voltage: 3.7VFull charge Voltage: 4.2VOperating Temperature (cell surface): Charge 0 ~ 50℃, Discharge -20 ~ 75℃Positive terminal: Flat top"
Price: 8.99

"Sony VTC5 18650 2600mAh Battery"
"DescriptionThe Sony VTC5 18650 2600mAh battery has a 30 Amp discharge rate. This means you can build lower resistance coils, which places less stress on the battery. This battery has a flat top connection. This battery also has a 2600mAh rated high drain rated capacity.For your safety, please do not keep these batteries loose in your pocket and always use a suitable charger.Kit Contents1 x Sony VTC5 18650 2600mAh BatteryFeatures186502600mAh30 Amp discharge rateType: Li-Mn Hybrid IMRRated Capacity: 2600mAh (High Drain)RechargeableMaximum Rated Discharging Current: 30AStorage Voltage: 3.6VCharging Voltage: 4.2VPositive terminal: Flat top"
Price: 5.99

"Clarke Clarke CTH5AAA Superbright LED Headlight"
"An extra bright 3W high intensity, long life LED headlight. Helps increase illumination for various tasks."
Price: 11.98

"Clarke Clarke CTH3 'AAA' Krypton / LED Head Torch"
"This powerful head-lamp, fitted with 6 bright Krypton LED's, provides enhanced illumination in many situations. A great choice for all manner of different users - trade, DIY or leisure."
Price: 7.79

"Clarke Clarke SAM75 Swing Arm Magnifying Lamp"
"Illuminate and enlarge with this multi positional magnifying lamp. For use at home or at work it enables vastly improved viewing for hobbies, reading, coin and stamp collecting, electronics, modelling and other fine detail work."
Price: 22.79

"Clarke Clarke SAM100 Swing Arm Magnifying Lamp"
"Illuminate and enlarge with this multi positional magnifying lamp. The circular fluorescent tube gives a pure clean light, excellent for hobbies, reading, needlework, electronics, modelling and other fine detail work."
Price: 53.99

"Clarke Clarke SAM100 Replacement Bulb"
"A replacement 22W fluorescent tube bulb for the Clarke SAM100 Magnifying lamp."
Price: 5.99

"Clarke Clarke SAM170 Desk Mounted Magnifying LED Lamp"
"This LED magnifying lamp has long reach sprung arms for effortless head positioning. Perfect for home use or industrial inspection environmentsThe 56 LED light produces very little heat, providing comfortable illumination while objects are magnified by a clear 170mm diameter 1.75x magnification lens"
Price: 59.98

"Clarke Clarke TML89 Desktop Magnifying LED Lamp"
"This LED magnifying lamp is perfect for applications such as dressmaking and other hobbies.The 18 LED light produces very little heat, providing comfortable illumination while objects are magnified by a clear 90mm diameter 1.75x magnification lens"
Price: 23.98

"Clarke Clarke SAM127 Desk Mounted Magnifying LED Lamp"
"This LED magnifying lamp has long reach sprung arms for effortless head positioning. Perfect for home use or industrial inspection environmentsThe 48 LED light produces very little heat, providing comfortable illumination while objects are magnified by a clear 120mm diameter 1.75x magnification lens"
Price: 47.98

"Clarke Clarke IQ2000 2kW Infrared Quartz Wall Heater"
"Quartz infrared heaters provide energy efficient heating as the infrared technology produces instant heat with minimal initial warm up time. Heat is supplied where needed to warm people or objects rather than wasting energy heating the air.Quartz infrared heaters have a number of benefits over gas heaters such as lower running costs, instant heat, odourless without any oxygen consumption.These wall heaters are ideal for domestic or trade applications. They are IP24 rated ad so can also be used outside as a patio heater if protected from direct exposure to rain (see manual for more details)."
Price: 47.98

"Clarke Clarke CFI1800 1800W Carbon Fibre Infrared Wall Heater"
"Carbon fibre heaters provide an efficient source of dry heat which does not produce condensation or fumes associated with gas heaters. These wall heaters are ideal for domestic or industrial applications. They can also be used outside to heat a patio if weather protected (IP24)."
Price: 71.98

"Honeywell Honeywell HZ220E 2kW Square Fan Heater"
"Does your bedroom get particularly cold in the winter? Are you looking to reduce your heating bills? Is the central heating in your apartment often turned on too late in autumn—or turned off too early in the spring? A Honeywell portable heater could be just what you’re looking for. Portable heaters are flexible and efficient, enabling you to heat any room in your home at any time. Versatility: Our broad line of portable heaters was created to help you stay warm and help you save on your energy bills when you turn down your thermostat and turn on your heater. Portable heaters can be used to supplement your central heating, keep a particularly draughty room warm or create a personal level of comfort wherever you are in your home. Energy efficient, cost efficient: It makes good sense to only heat the rooms in which you spend the most time, rather than the whole house. Localised heating can save a significant amount of energy and help you reduce your heating bills. Fan heaters provide personal, directional heating, creating currents of warm air that can be adjusted by the user. The Honeywell HZ220E1 Square Fan Heater is compact with a modern design, ideal for comfortable heat where you need it. It has an adjustable thermostat and also a cooling fan, is IP21 drip water proved and has over heating shut off protection for peace of mind. Suitable for rooms up to 20m2, with a carry handle for easy movement and also 3 years guarantee"
Price: 27.59

"Honeywell Honeywell HZ500E 2kW Wall Mountable Fan Heater"
"A stylish slim fan heater with a premium finish in Anthracite grey"
Price: 35.98

"Bosch Bosch GLM 80 Laser Range Finder"
"The Bosch GLM 80 laser range finder is the world’s first combination of a laser range finder and a digital inclinometer. The GLM 80 has a professional working range of 80 m. It has a built in rechargeable Li-ion battery, which allows up to 25,000 measurements per charge."
Price: 203.98

"Bosch Bosch GLM50C Professional Laser Measure"
"The Bosch GLM50C Professional offers the accuracy of laser measurement with the added advantage of Bluetooth technology for data transfer to all GLM Apps. The powerful Laser Measure measures distances up to 50 m with +/-1.5 mm accuracy. This laser measure also includes a 360 degree tilt sensor, colour display and stake out function."
Price: 149.99

"Clarke Clarke CP2850K Frame Mounted Petrol Generator 2.7kVA"
"A super efficient, petrol powered source of portable electrical energy - ideal for virtually anyone who's working or enjoying leisure activities, remote from the mains. Over 2kW is delivered, conveniently at both 110V & 230V, via standard BS4343 style 16Amp (round type). And, as you might expect, it's safe to use too, having been designed and manufactured to the latest EU standards."
Price: 526.80

"Clarke Hobby Insulated Shroud Pack of 2"
"For use with Clarke hobby range MIG welders"
Price: 7.19

"Clarke Clarke 2-Way Adaptor Plug 16A 110V"
"2 Way Splitter - One 110 Volt plug to two 110 Volt Sockets"
Price: 26.39

"Clarke Clarke Pack of 5 1.0mm Welding Tips"
"A pack of 5 1.0mm welding tips, manufactured for use with 0.8mm mild steel, MIG welding wire and MIG145, MIG152, MIG180 & MIG196 Clarke MIG welder models."
Price: 3.35

"Clarke Clarke IG2200 2.2kW Inverter Generator"
"The IG2200 from Clarke is a powerful, portable generator that features inverter technology to provide pure, stable power for computers and other sensitive equipment. With a maximum output of 2.2kW and a continuous output of 2.0kW it is suitable for trade and leisure use and is perfect for use on site, on market stalls, for camping & caravanning trips, boating and much more.The IG2200 has an economical air cooled 4 stroke engine and features an Eco throttle that automatically adjusts the engine speed to match the load that is running for greater fuel efficiency and a lower noise level. The Eco throttle also put less unnecessary strain on the motor which prolongs the lifespan of the motor and reduces operation costs.Requires SAE30 oil, available from Machine Mart and most petrol stations and supermarkets."
Price: 466.80

"Clarke Clarke G1200 4 Stroke Petrol Generator"
"The Clarke G1200 Petrol Generator is the perfect generator for caravanning, camping trips, boating, markets and even for emergency home use thanks to it's compact dimensions, ease of use, portability and impressively low noise output of 68dB(A) at 7m.  Not only is the G1200 compact and quiet, it's powerful too thanks to the air cooled 4 stroke motor producing a superb 1100 Watts of power, enough to keep your devices and machines running for up to 5.5 hours' (at 3/4 load). The G1200 also features an overload circuit breaker that helps to prevent potentially damaging electrical overloads from affecting your expensive electrical goods.The G1200 from Clarke: powerful, compact, reliable and great value."
Price: 191.98

"Clarke Clarke CI1200B 600W Power Inverter"
"Ideal for use in most cars, caravans, boats & lorries. Converts 12V DC into 230V AC for running a range of equipment where mains electricity is unavailable. Reliable & compact, can also be used to provide emergency back up during power failures. Provides power for laptops, printers, TV’s, games consoles, music systems, lighting, phone chargers, cameras, camcorders, shavers, DVD players, food mixers, electric blankets, faxes, fast charger units, small appliances, power tools, toasters & hairdryers"
Price: 71.98

"Clarke Clarke Engine Diagnostic / EOBD Fault Code Reader"
"This Clarke CEOBDPRO EOBD/OBD II Engine Fault Code Reader is an essential automotive service tool, suitable for professional or home diagnostic use. Simple to use, the fault code reader simply connects to the vehicle's ECU (Engine Control Unit) via the diagnostic link connector, allowing you to access and retrieve important engine performance data and diagnostic date to pin point any issues that may require attention. Featuring a easy to read 2.8" Colour TFT display and USB Cable for fast, hassle free software upgrading.Key Features: Retrieves, reads and displays DTC fault codes and then clears them - Data stream function for viewing and analysing live data - Can store, record and playback over 29 data files, lasting over 8 hours. - Freeze frame data facility records a snapshot of data when an emission fault occurs - Displays I/M readiness status and retrieves VIN."
Price: 125.99

"Clarke Clarke CMS1 Mechanics Mobile Seat"
"Are you sitting comfortably? If so you'd do a better job, reduce fatigue and keep your clothes cleaner. Get low down and mobile on this mobile rolling mechanics work seat.Download Product Manual"
Price: 20.99

"Clarke Clarke Mild Steel Welding Wire 0.6mm 0.8kg"
"The Clarke Mild Steel Welding Wire from Machine Mart is manufactured to the highest quality to offer maximum performance when welding. Mild Steel welding wire is suitable for use with CO2 or Argon/CO2 mix gas. It is ideal for car and body repair work and fabrication."
Price: 5.99

"Clarke Clarke Long Nozzle Blow Gun - 25C"
"Powerful air jet clears dust, swarf, surface liquid and other loose materials in an instant. A simple long nosed probe with a thousand uses in the workshop, garage or factory."
Price: 4.79

"Clarke Clarke CFC100 1 Tonne Folding Workshop Crane"
"This folding 1 tonne engine crane is ideal for use in home workshops and garages, where space is at a premium. The four stage extending jib offers an excellent lifting range whilst long legs with heavy-duty castors and wheels ensure stability.Supplied complete with a lifting hook which can be used with a wide choice of slings , the CFC 100 engine hoist also boasts a top quality hydraulic pump and ram assembly with convenient side access, great for helping you steady the load whilst raising/lowering."
Price: 197.99

"Clarke Clarke PVC Ducting for the CAM200"
"PVC ducting to compliment the Clarke CAM200 Ventilator. It enables air to be drawn from more specific areas such as work benches or particular pieces of equipment."
Price: 59.98