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Garden of Life Joint Support - Vitamin Code - 50 & Wiser Women's
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60 Serving (20 Lb) Breakfast - Legacy Emergency Prepper Food Supply
The 60 Serving Breakfast bucket by Legacy is the only 100% Certified GMO free emergency food storage available, and easily the most affordable. With a 25 year shelf life and 4 delicious, healthy meals created to get you through any disaster or survival situation, this is the perfect food storage option to add to your preparations.
Price: 175.00

120 Serving (36 Lb) Breakfast -Legacy Freeze Dried Survival MREs Meals
The 120 Serving Breakfast Bucket will take your disaster preparedness efforts to a whole new level. Enhance your emergency food supply with the lowest price per calorie, best tasting, and only 100% Certified GMO Free food storage available. With an easy to stack, heavy-duty BPA free plastic bucket to protect your disaster food, this is the ideal way to ensure that your family will have the food supply needed to survive a crisis.
Price: 305.00

60 Huge Serving (18 Lb) Essentials Food Storage - Buy Emergency Supply
The 60 Serving Entr_e Bucket from Legacy Premium is a wise way to get started with dehydrated and freeze dried food storage. With 3 healthy and delicious meals per day for 20 days, this is a great introductory package. Whether it is for running out the door in an emergency, camping out, feeding the family every so often, or storing it long term, this bucket of gourmet freeze dried and dehydrated food is wise choice to help you prepare for a disaster.
Price: 199.00

120 Serving (31 Lb) Legacy Freeze Dried Survival Meals- Emergency Food
Prepare Wise is proud to offer the 120 serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner bucket from Legacy Premium. By providing 3 dried meals per day for 40 days, this package is the perfect addition to anyone's long term survival food storage. Prepare your family for survival situations by adding this combo bucket to your emergency preparations.
Price: 345.00

160 Serving (15 Lb) Emergency Chocolate Milk - Long Term Food Storage
A Legacy Premium Chocolate Milk Bucket is the ideal way to add nutrients, variety, and a dessert-like taste to your food storage, without breaking the bank. Containing 160 simple to prepare servings, this package offers Ghirardelli chocolate in itês best form.¾ Enhance your food supply with delicious, long lasting chocolate milk and make sure that you are making wise decisions when it comes to emergency preparations.
Price: 160.00

350 Serving Coffee with French Press - Emergency Preparedness Gear
The 350 Serving Coffee package by Legacy Premium is the perfect luxury item to add to your disaster supplies. With a manual french press and filters included, this delicious coffee will allow you to get the perfect jumpstart to your day, even during a disaster.
Price: 225.00

160 Serving (13 Lb) Mixed Milk - 25 Year Life Emergency Food Storage
The Mixed Milk Bucket is a 160-serving package of mouthwatering Legacy Premium Milk and Chocolate Milk, with an equal mix of each. Enjoy delicious tastes, high nutritional values, and a little variety in your freeze dried and dehydrated survival food gear.¾ Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whenever you want to have a refreshing and easy to prepare beverage.
Price: 160.00

Legacy 160 Serving (12 Lb) Powdered Milk - Survival Emergency Supply
The Legacy Premium Powdered Milk Bucket by Prepare Wise gives you the final touch needed for your long term emergency food supply. With 160 easy-to-make servings, enjoy delicious milk to put on cereal, add in oatmeal or creamy wheat, or just drink alone and thrive during disasters!
Price: 160.00

60 Serving (16 Lb) Meal Bucket - Emergency Freeze Dried Food Storage
Legacy Premium's 60 Serving Entr_e Bucket displays why Legacy is the best in the industry when it comes to freeze dried and dehydrated emergency food. With 15 different meals to choose from in this package, enjoy 100% Certified GMO free food storage that are the healthiest and heartiest in the emergency food world.
Price: 210.00

120 Serving (28 Lb) Freeze Dried Food Essentials - Emergency Supply
Regardless of the circumstances, the 120 Serving Entree Bucket is a handy emergency food supply bucket designed to help you prepare for any emergency situation. As one of the most basic options offered by Legacy Premium, enjoy 3 servings of food per day for 40 days. With a 25 year shelf life, this emergency food is the most affordable solution available on the market today.
Price: 375.00

Legacy Premium 32 Serving Family 72 Hour Emergency Food Survival Kit
The Family 72 Hour Emergency Food Survival Kit by Legacy Premium and Prepare Wise offers 32 servings of hearty, healthy, and great tasting freeze dried and dehydrated food stored in a compact, sturdy plastic bucket. Even though three days is a long time to be without food, most people could last that long without the risk of starvation, but wouldn't it be better to just be prepared? Take care of your familyês basic survival needs for 72 hours with this great package and prepare for anything that could come your way.
Price: 99.00

60 Serving (15 Lb) Gluten Free Survival MRE Meals - Emergency Food
The 60 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket by Legacy Premium has been a fan favorite, especially among those with Celiac disease or those who have special food requirements. Standing alone in the emergency preparedness food storage industry, Legacy Premium gluten free meals taste delicious, last for 25 years, and are free from wheat and gluten allergens. Protect everyone in your family, even those with special food needs.
Price: 210.00

120 Serving (27 Lb) Gluten Free Dehydrated / Freeze Dried Prepper Food
Adding a 120 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket to your long term food supply is the ideal solution for anyone needing delicious, 25 year shelf life food free from glutens. Each meal is made with extreme caution and care so that no cross-contamination of allergens ever occurs. Protect your family by stocking up on gluten free food storage one specialized bucket at a time.
Price: 395.00

16 Serving (4 Lb) Emergency Food Sample Kit - 25 Year Shelf Life Meals
In order to provide you with an option to taste test a couple of our freeze dried and dehydrated survival food, Legacy Premium created a 16 serving Family Entr_e Sample Kit. We have been told that in addition to a simple taste test, this sample pack is great for campouts, hiking, or even setting up 72 hour emergency kits. Try a few of our favorite meals and get to know the gourmet tastes of Legacy Premium Food Storage.
Price: 46.00

240 Serving (64 Lb) Long Term Shelf Life Emergency Prepper Food Supply
The 240 Serving Package by Legacy Premium is one of our most popular freeze dried emergency packages. Whether you are just getting started or complementing your existing food storage with more freeze dried and dehydrated entrees, this is the perfect addition to any emergency food supply. With enough servings to provide one person with 3 servings per day for almost 3 months, rest assured knowing that if an emergency happens you will have plenty of gourmet food on hand.
Price: 650.00

360 Serving (92 Lb) Survival Food Bucket - Long Term Emergency Storage
Legacy Premium Food Storage is proud to offer the most affordable long term freeze dried survival meals with the 360 Serving Package. With 3 stackable buckets worth of survival food, this package fits comfortably into most closets and will hardly even be seen until you need it most.¾ And if you do ever need to use it, you will love the gourmet tastes and delicious variety of our meals. With Legacy Premium, protecting your family is our goal, but making sure everyone is happy when it is time to eat is our promise.
Price: 955.00

720 Svgs (185 Lb) Freeze Dried Food Storage - Family Emergency Supply
One of Legacy Premium's premier package options, the 720 Serving Package provides 25 year shelf life food that is the perfect addition to any long term storage. This package contains a wonderful mix of freeze dried and dehydrated meals, with enough food included to have a very serious amount of food storage. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family will be well fed during a food crisis or shortage.
Price: 1899.00

1080 Serving (277 Lb) 1 Year Emergency Food Supply - Long Term Storage
Having one yearês worth of disaster insurance food storage on hand is a wonderful goal, and with the 1080 Serving Package from Prepare Wise you can accomplish it with one amazing package. Legacy Premium uses the highest quality freeze dried and dehydrated food to ensure that you are getting long-lasting insurance food that tastes incredible. Among our most popular package deals, this is the ideal package for anyone looking to get a wonderful emergency food storage foundation.
Price: 2760.00

1440 Svgs (369 Lb) Survival Preparedness Food Storage Supply Package
The Legacy Premium 1440 Serving Package has traditionally been high on the list of most popular emergency long term survival food packages offered at Prepare Wise. Add this package to your emergency food supply to ensure that your family will be adequately prepared for any long term survival situations.
Price: 3680.00

2160 Serving (554 Lb) Family Year Supply - Emergency Insurance Food
Having 3 freeze dried and dehydrated meals per day for 2 adults for 1 year is precisely what the 2160 Serving Package by Legacy Premium gives to you. Enjoy a wide range of carefully crafted gourmet survival meals that are simple to prepare and designed to last for years to come. Take control of your emergency food storage and set your family up for any situation that may arise with this incredible package from Legacy.
Price: 5280.00

2880 Serving (738 Lb) Long Term Freeze Dried Emergency Survival Food
When you stop to consider how much emergency food comes in the 2880 Serving Package by Legacy Premium Food Storage, there is no question that this is the essential package for emergency preparedness and long term food storage. Purchasing a package of this size is a big commitment, but with the lowest cost per calorie available in the food storage community, this package will provide peace of mind during any emergency.
Price: 6950.00

4320 Serving (1107 Lb) 25 Year Shelf Life Emergency Preparedness Food
When you look at the sheer size of the Premium 4320 Serving Package offered by Prepare Wise Food Storage, it is hard to imagine ever finding yourself in a food crisis or food emergency. Containing 36 buckets of emergency freeze dried meals, this incredible food storage package has the lowest cost per calorie available and should be the last food storage package you will ever need to purchase.
Price: 9990.00

Gluten Free 240 Serving (54 Lb) Freeze Dried Emergnecy Food Meals
Legacy Premium's 240 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket provides 9 different dehydrated and freeze dried survival meals designed exclusively for those who cannot consume gluten or other allergens. Simple-to-prepare, these meals are not only quick and easy to make, they taste delicious and have a 25 year shelf life. Enjoy the benefits of long term food storage by adding gluten free meals to your emergency preparations.
Price: 750.00

360 Serving (81 Lb) Gluten Free Food Storage -Prepper Emergency Supply
The 360 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket by Legacy Premium is the largest gluten free food storage package that we have seen available and a wise choice for emergency preparedness. Certainly the most popular gluten free food storage package that we offer, enjoy all the benefits of delicious emergency food without the ingredients that you body disagrees with. Simple to prepare, easy to store, and full of gluten free nutrition to help you get through an emergency.
Price: 1030.00

165-Piece First Aid Survival Kit - Emergency Disaster Supplies
Having the proper first aid kit for survival is critical and could come in handy at any time, and the 165 Piece First Aid Kit by Legacy is the ultimate in portable emergency preparedness supplies. Stuffed full of critical medical needs, this compact kit gives you a wonderful start in survival gear and supplies.
Price: 35.00

Emergency Survival Bottle - Legacy Premium Disaster Insurance Gear
The Emergency Survival Bottle by Legacy Premium is a unique piece of disaster survival gear and should be included in everyone's preparations. This durable bottle has many goodies inside all making sure that your family has the essential items needed to survive a disaster and get throug the worst.
Price: 35.00

Essential 2-Person Survival Kit - Emergency Preparedness Supplies
Disaster emergency supplies come in all forms, but having a backpack full of essential survival gear is one of the best things you can do to be prepared. The Essential 2-Person Survival Kit provides wonderful gear in a portable package and is a great addition to any home.
Price: 92.50

Deluxe 2-Person Survival Kit - Camping / Hiking / Emergency Gear
Camping equipment typically makes for great emergency preparedness gear, and the Deluxe 2-Person Survival Kit by Legacy provides both. Stocked in a durable, heavy duty backpack, this survival gear is a an essential pickup for any prepper.
Price: 184.50

Disaster / Emergency Preparedness Gear - Premium Family Survival Kit
The Premium Family Survival Kit is the ultimate emergency preparedness survival backpack. Loaded with essential survival gear, this package is lightweight, highly portable, and the ideal way to provide your family with the survival supplies needed to thrive in a disaster.
Price: 265.50

Emergency Food Storage - Ultimate Sample Pack - Disaster Insurance
The Ultimate Sample Pack from Legacy Premium Food Storage gives you the unique ability to sample every item on our menu and taste the difference and see the quality our food has to offer.  We proudly present a true sample pack that allows you to taste everything and determine what things are critical to your emergency food supply.  If there are meals that you don't love, let us know and we can customize as many buckets as you would like and help you to create the perfect food storage, catered to your personal preferences and tastes.  This sample pack contains 183 servings of Breakfasts, Lunch/Dinner entrees, Side Dishes, Drink Mixes, and Coffee. Enjoy all we have to offer and make sure you get everything you will need to survive in any disaster scenario.
Price: 380.00