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"Learning JQuery Mobile The Easy Way"
"With the surge in smart phones and interactive tablets, the demand for compatible content and apps has never been so high. While most of the attention has centered on native app development, what many don't know is that websites can be designed to run just as seamlessly as apps, with code that makes them compatible and streamlined within iOS and Android devices. In this short, hands-on jQuery mobile tutorial course, you'll learn how to work with one of the web's most flexible standards to quickly create your own mobile-friendly sites. You'll learn how to accommodate multiple formats at the same time as well as how to work with jQuery's ThemeRoller and customized CSS to achieve exactly the look and feel you want in the menus and splash screens that appear on users' devices. What You Will Learn- How to create a usable website that can function like an app on iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets. - How to apply custom themes and view settings to improve and streamline the graphical interface of your mobile site. - How to load external 3rd party content within your mobile site using AJAX standards and splash screens. Who Should Take This Course- Anyone with a basic knowledge and interest in web design looking to deliver mobile-friendly content and web apps. - Anyone with an existing website they would like to optimize for iOS and Android devices. - Anyone looking to deliver a compelling mobile service or experience without the cost or complications of native app development.What People Are Saying""The training is short, but it's just what I needed to get started...Chris keeps it simple but shows a lot of interesting options along the way.""- Tim Vang ""Quick, to the point, perfect for getting my site ready for iPhone users."" - Alex Aguirre ""I was dreading bringing our restaurant's site onto the iPhone but these videos made it easy. Would have done it much sooner if I knew!"" - Jonathan Cherry"
Price: 49.99

"Build E-commerce website with PHP, MySQL, jQuery and PayPal"
"This, over 14.5 hours long series takes you through the journey of developing your very own E-commerce web application with Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, jQuery and PayPal. During this series we will learn how to use Object Oriented PHP and how to create Classes and Methods, which will allow us to process the functionality of the entire project. The outcome of this easy to follow series is the fully functional E-commerce website ready to sell products and accept payments with PayPal. Get in touch if you have any questions. Available add-ons: Static Urls, Meta tags and Re-send activation for E-commerce series (1st add-on) Shipping address and Shipping cost for E-commerce series (2nd add-on) PHP PDO, Custom Exception Handler and Namespaces for E-commerce series (3rd add-on) Buy whole series and save money"
Price: 19.99

"Basic English Module 1"
"Basic English Module 1 is a course for non-native speakers of English which focuses on developing your speaking, pronunciation, basic grammar, listening & reading skills.By the end of this Course you will be able to Introduce yourself and others. Ask for and give basic personal information about your home, your belongings and the people you know.Name objects, ask for and give locations of common objects.Talk about cities and countries. Ask and give information about a place of origin, nationality, first language and age. Describe people using adjectives. Describe clothes and colors. Talk about the weather and the seasons of the year.The course is structured into 4different sections each emphasizing :Speaking, Pronunciation,listening, reading & writing. And itis designed to be taken in a period of 4 weeks with an estimated effort of 10 hours per week.You should take this course in order to understand the basic concepts of the English language and become successful in other English courses offered."
Price: 19.99

"Two-layered online form validation with jQuery and PHP"
"From this, easy to follow PHP and jQuery Training: jQuery form Validation Tutorial course you will learn how to apply a two layered validation to your online form - client site (using JavaScript / jQuery) and server side (using PHP). Both validations use the Object Oriented approach. By performing the initial (client side) validation you save the bandwidth by limiting the number of requests sent to the server and gives the user an immediate response to any incorrectly entered values, what significantly improves the overall user experience.Take this PHP and jQuery Training course and learn how to apply two layers of validation to your online forms with jQuery form validation tutorial.</p>"
Price: 19.99

"AJAX Development"
"Youve learned a little Javascript, but you still look at websites with slick, smooth and elegant user interfaces and want to know how web developers create that. The answer is simple: Ajax. Youve probably heard of it, but youve always wondered What is Ajax? Ajax is simply Asynchronous Javascript and XML. By taking our Ajax course, you can make pages on your web application respond quickly, and with a minimum of screen refreshes.With our Ajax course and a little Javascript knowledge you can use Ajax to take database information and store, alter, sort and conditionally format it all on the client side. This minimizes the load on your server and makes your applications respond quickly and without reloading the HTML page. Ajax communicates with the server behind the scenes while your user continues to use your web site, accessing the information they want. Our course will show you numerous Ajax examples and help you become proficient in using Ajax.In our Ajax course, master trainer Mark Lassoff takes you through the basics of Ajax right to advanced topics like parsing JSON responses from web services. Our Ajax course is recommended for all web developers who want to improve their client side skills, and make professional, fast and responsive web applications."
Price: 19.99

"Learning MySQL5 - An Easy Way To Master MySQL"
"A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. MySQL is the world's most popular relational database solution used in businesses and independent projects, with thousands of new developers and users coming on board every day. Because it continues to evolve and integrate into the biggest technologies on the web, there has never been a better time to learn, and this hands-on MySQL 5 tutorial course makes it easy. With a step-by-step approach tailored for beginners, course author Jason Gilmore introduces the fundamental concepts underlying relational databases and helps you learn how to build your own functional database and manage it using standard techniques and tools. You'll get 91 lessons taking you from MySQL installation and configuration through learning and using different data types, retrieving and filtering data, working with functions, performing backup and security tasks and more. No prior experience is needed. Matching work files are included so that you can follow the course point by point through the development process. What You Will Learn - The basic building blocks of relational databases and how they apply, including strings, numerical data types, primary and foreign keys, functions and queries. - How to install and set up a usable MySQL server on Windows. - How to access, modify and manage your data within a MySQL database. - How to use relational databases to solve problems in business and software or web development. Who Should Take This Course - Anyone who wants to learn to create functional, flexible databases for archival, organization or software development purposes. - Users moving from software-centered solutions such as Microsoft Access or FileMaker looking for a greater degree of control. - Anyone who wants to increase their employment or promotion prospects by learning a current, relevant technology standard. What People Are Saying "I thought MySQL was over my head...the books I'd bought didn't help but these videos have already made a huge difference in what I can do." - Darrel Nixa "Jason is awesome as a teacher, and I can't say enough how helpful having the files were in following along." - Rachel Black "The section on optimization is where it really came together for me...there's some serious power here if you've got a lot of data to work with." - Tom Leippi"
Price: 49.99

"Writing: Self Publish Your eBook and sell on Amazon"
"AS OF JANUARY 2015, HUNDREDS OF SUCCESSFUL CLIENTS HAVE NOW LEARNT HOW TO SELF PUBLISH A BOOK WITH THIS FUN & ACTIONABLE COURSE. Over one weekend, you can sit down with this course and learn how to self publish your book, so that you can: Earn monthly income from your book sales Distribute your book through household names such as Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and Barnes & Noble. Position yourself as an industry expert as a published author, to secure more clients No Experience Needed. Follow the process, step by step with these actionable videos. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ About this course: Hundreds of happy clients so far Everything shown to you step by step Full, lifetime access Watch on demand, as often as you like All future lectures and upgrades are always included automatically for FREE Unconditional, 30 Day Udemy money back guarantee - That's how sure I am that you'll learn everything you need to know. You also get full lifetime access to my amazing How To Build Websites Using Blogger Course, ABSOLUTELY FREE! WATCH AND SEE HOW I: Find ideas for profitable books to self publish Carry out tests to validate and ensure the book will sell Create a logical and straightforward journey for you to copy and follow Develop monthly income from selling books on Amazon & iBooks Today you can use online tools and websites to create an invisible publishing machine. You never see the stock, you don't have to process sales and you don't have to deal with any delivery or refund hassles. Just write your book. Get it self published. Earn regular and repeat monthly income from book royalties, that go into your bank account. Self Publishing a book has been described as "The New Business Card". Imagine walking into a room and being introduced as a published author! I can tell you it ALWAYS impresses people, and immediately demands respect from customers, clients & colleagues. So whether you already have an idea for a book and want to be shown the exact steps you'll need to follow to get your book published... Or if you are a complete beginner and want to complete an incredible achievement in your life... Then this course is for you. There are other self publishing courses available on Udemy, and I urge you to go and have a look at them, to see how they compare to mine. But with my course, you discover in just one weekend, everything I learned over one year of my life, to start and write the book "I'm Getting Out" which helps Military Service Personnel make the transition to civilian life - a subject very close to my heart. In this course you get a detailed breakdown of the entire process. You will learn... How to refine an idea for a successful selling book See how to validate your book idea, BEFORE you start writing How to write draft manuscripts in an efficient way Understanding how to protect your work with Copyrights How to ensure your manuscripts is accurate Understand how to create a book cover (literally judging books by their covers) Create a website (This is gone into even more depth in your FREE course bonus) Carry out market research to make sure your book sells from the start Getting reviews & quotes for your book How to Ghetto Self Publish using Google Documents How to publish via multi platform eBook publishing (Kindle, iPad, Nook etc) How to register your International Standard Book Number (ISBN) How to retail your book through multiple retail channels (Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Google Books etc) Online marketing with Google and Facebook advertising Create a community around your book using social media .....and much, much more! So you've read this far - thank you! This is what the current students within the course are saying... "...I'm enjoying the course and the friendly style" - Alessandro P I just want to end by saying if you don't absolutely love this course then you are able to get your full money back at any time within the first 30 days of purchase. My books are published and selling on Amazon, earning a monthly income. How long before yours are too? Let's start your self publishing journey together. Click the "Take this course" button at the top of the page, and I'll see you on the other side! Andrew"
Price: 19.99

"Web Development For Beginners: Get A Website Live in Hours"
"AS OF NOVEMBER 2014, OVER 6500 SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS HAVE TAKEN THIS COURSE! These savvy students have saved themselves thousands of dollars, by learning how to create and build their own websites, instead of using expensive web design companies. In this course, you look over my shoulder and watch exactly what I do on screen, so that you: Understand what Blogger is and how you can build websites for free See how I build a variety of different websites that Google loves Get your website up and running in only a couple of hours No experience needed. Follow my example step by step, with these short & actionable videos. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ About this course: Thousands of happy students so far Everything shown to you step by step Full, lifetime access Watch on demand, as often as you like All future lectures and upgrades are always included automatically for FREE Unconditional, 30 Day Udemy Money Back Guarantee (I'm so sure you'll love this course and have your website up and running in no time - that if you don't, you can get all your money back at any time in the first 30 days!) WATCH OVER MY SHOULDER AS I SHOW YOU: What Blogger is and how you can use it to create websites for free How to avoid getting confused with all the technical jargon and just take simple steps to get your website up and running How to create a beautiful website in just a few hours How to create different types of websites in just a few clicks How to include a variety of tools, tricks and other cool stuff. There are literally thousands of online companies and web designers out there, eager to get you to part with your hard earned cash, to build you something that is actually very simple. Some of them probably have less knowledge and ability than some of the students who have completed this course! I want to uncover the tools and processes of creating a website and share them with you in a simple, honest and easy to understand way. Get your website up and running, or ask for a full refund of this course within 30 days. You Will Learn... How to create websites for free using Blogger What all the different technical terms mean, in plain & simple English What sort of website you need to create How to set up a Blogger Account How to create your first Blogger website How to use all of the different website functions How to create Blog posts How to edit the layout of your website How to change the look and feel of your website How to make your website optimised for Mobile screens on Smart phones and tablets (With one click) How to create a website for a business How to make a landing page website How to create a niche news website How to set up a custom domain for your website (This is the only additional cost you will need to pay for your website) How to install custom themes & templates What SEO is and why Google LOVES Blogger sites ....and much, much more! Over 6500 happy students have watched over my shoulder, to see how they can use Blogger to create and build their own websites. Here's what they are saying about this course in the reviews: "I found this course extremely helpful and I had the foundation of my site up and running within a couple of hours" - Peter Adamson "I am very happy with the course and the patience Andrew has in guiding through a complex platform using simple steps. Thank you Andrew! Epic Win!" - Dutch Driver "I'm an idea guy, not a techie. This is what I needed to create the perfect blog for my situation and for the needs of my clients" - John Kirton "...It then moves onto exploring the full functionality of Blogger through using examples built from start to finish......So the evidence is: My site is up and running and I refer back to the course on a regular basis" - David Addy REMEMBER - If you don't absolutely love this course, you can get a full refund within 30 days, in line with Udemy's refund policy. Let's create your new website and start this journey together! Click the "Take This Course" button at the top of this page, and I'll see you on the other side!"
Price: 74.99

"Joomla 2.5 Template Design"
"This class will take you step-by-step from your initial design to a finished Joomla template. Creating a fantastic look and feel for your Joomla site is pretty important. You can buy templates, or even download and use free ones! But if you really want a unique look - you have to create one that really highlights your site's content. We hope you enjoy the course!"
Price: 34.99

"CCNP All-in-1 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant"
"You're in the right place at the right time to earn your CCNP with my clear, comprehensive CCNP All-In-One Video Boot Camp!This course is 100% updated for the latest CCNP exams.  I'm ready to prepare you for success on the SWITCH 300-115 exam, the ROUTE 300-101 exam, and the TSHOOT 300-125 exam - AND get you ready for real-world networking success with dozens of labs drawn from my real-world networking experience.You'll earn your CCNP certification without busting your budget -- and that's a fantastic combination.You receive full access to all 50+ hours of the course, including downloading - you can download one video or download them all! You'll have permanent online access to watch the videos whenever you like.The videos are in order -- CCNP SWITCH, ROUTE, and TSHOOT - and clearly labeled, so you know EXACTLY what to watch for each exam.From my unbeatable methods of mastering BGP all the way through tough OSPF and EIGRP route redistribution scenarios, you'll see it all right here on LIVE Cisco routers and switches - and you can watch every single session as often as you like.Thanks for joining and for making The Bryant Advantage part of your CCNP success story!Chris BryantCCIE #12933""The Computer Certification Bulldog"""
Price: 49.99

"Multilingual CMS Website with PHP, MySQL, jQuery"
"In this course we will learn how to develop a Multilingual Content Management System with Object Oriented PHP, MySQL and jQuery. The completed system will allow you to manage content of the pages, navigation, list of languages, labels, label types and users - all in different languages. Both - front end and control panel will have an option to change the language of the interface to allow visitor as well as administrator to choose the language they are most familiar with. Some of the objects (classes) we will create include: Url - for processing static urls Database - PHP PDO class wrapper to simplify all database interactions Paging - to apply pagination to long lists of results Language - for populating as well as managing all labels and content associated with the selected language Validation - to validate all form inputs and many more... Who is this course for? This course is for everyone with a basic knowledge of PHP. Add-on courses: Sub-navigation for Multilingual Content Management System"
Price: 19.99

"Federal Grant Writing 101"
"In these grant writing classes, you'll learn how to read federal grant application guidelines; determine what is required for a highly competitive written response; conduct statement of needs research, incorporate best practices in your program design, and complete the narrative and budget sections of a federal grant application."
Price: 44.99

"Faith-Based Grants"
"In this course, my goal is to help churches and ministries across the United States—large and small, denominational and non-denominational—understand how to align institutions and congregations to receive the abundance intended under the federal government’s faith-based grants initiative."
Price: 24.99

"Web Analytics Blueprint"
"Do you want to get more traffic, increase conversion rates and make more money with your website? Do you wish someone would tell you which statistics in your analytics actually matter and which dont?Are your visitors a mystery to you?Are you struggling to understand how to effectively use Google Analytics to help your business increase sales?Are you confused by Googles Analytics tutorials?Do all the options in your analytics account make your eyes glaze over? If you need help, you are in the right place Web Analytics tools like Google Analytics help you better understand where your visitors come from, what they do while they are on your website and whether they stick around on your site and take action. Google Analytics helps you see how engaged your visitors are on your website, how many of them left your website without doing anything or without having any result from them and much more. However, it takes time to learn how to use tools like Google Analytics effectively. Especially when no-one seems to offer simple and practical advice. That is why I decided to create this Web Analytics Training with Google Analytics Tutorial course that provides you easy to follow video tutorials that will save you time and money without cutting corners. In 10 minutes, youll get more value from this Web Analytics training with Google Analytics tutorial course than you would get in hours of reading tutorials online. You can watch the videos at your own pace, rewind, pause and follow the instructions along. Plus in just a couple of weeks you will have totally transformed how you think about your website traffic. The knowledge youll have will enable you to make more strategic decisions about everything you do on your website which will increase your sites revenue dramatically. Here's what you will learn The Web Analytics Blueprint is a quick and easy to understand course that will help you not only master the basics of Web Analytics, but it will help you become a true Web Analytics ninja and get so many insights from your data. By taking this Web Analytics Training with Google Analytics Tutorial course you will learn: Which metrics matter and which ones dontHow to properly track conversion ratesHow to measure visitors loyalty and engagementWhat results you can measure (even if youre not yet selling anything)Advanced techniques for using Web Analytics toolsHow to improve Conversion Rates and make more salesWhat A/B testing is, why it rocks, and how to start doing it You will learn how to find out why people are leaving your website without buying, what your customers are really looking for on your website and how to make your website convert effectively using the secret functions hidden in Google Analytics and other Web Analytics tools. Here's what you will get First, youll have full membership for life. That means you will get future updates to the course at no extra charge. Once you register, you will have access to high resolution video tutorials with real-life data from Google Analytics accounts. Each lesson contains one video tutorial, additional notes and a downloadable audio version. When you join, you will get access to over 100 minutes of video, where I show you exactly what to do to get a higher conversion rate and more sales. I explain things step by step, and I show you the exact techniques that Ive used time and time again for myself and my clients. The Web Analytics Training with Google Analytics tutorial course will continue to be updated with new video tutorials about best practices, interviews, Q&A calls and webinars. Plus, over time you will get a whole set of extra videos that are automatically added to your membership. I will show you how to work with the brand new features of Google Analytics and other tools, as soon as they are available.</p>"
Price: 49.99

"Web Programming with Python"
"A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. This Web Programming with Python course takes you through a hands-on guide to object-oriented python web programming, working with multiple types of servers, databases and web frameworks. All that is required to get started is a very basic background knowledge of Python, as instructor Mike McMillan begins these Python web programming tutorials with two chapters of review and then goes step by step through the necessary concepts at every stage of development. You'll get a detailed primer on database programming with Python, installing an SQLite server and performing routine data selections and operations; you'll learn how to interact with FTP and email services using native Python code; see how to process web form data via Python; and learn how to interact with web database applications and utilize XML. Finally, the Python web programming course ends with a chapter on configuring and working with Django, a modern web framework that allows you to create and manage complex database-driven websites. There's not a better course for taking Python concepts and applying them to real world projects.What You Will Learn:- How to use Python object-oriented programming techniques within web-based projects, from online databases to complete websites.- How to install and configure basic web-based databases using Python code.- The essentials of XML and how it can be used in conjunction with Python projects.- How to implement and work with Django to manage full database-driven websites.Who Should I Take This Python web programming Course:- Anyone with a basic background knowledge of Python and object-oriented programming (OOC) who wants to see how the language can be used for web-specific projects.- Anyone who wants a better understanding of SQLite, XML, and online database standards.- Anyone looking to increase their knowledge of the Python programming language and its practical application.What People Are Saying about this Python web programming course:"Honestly I thought my Python knowledge would be a little too rusty, but everything was presented very clearly and the review really helped."-V. Vargas"Had another python course before this from another teacher but it was pretty thin on projects...this is awesome because it got me to use my coding skills right away...thanks."-Gene Tredwell"The Django documentation I found online was a little confusing, and not really complete; Mike is quite thorough, making it easy to get started." -Markos Psilakis"
Price: 49.99

"Color Basics for Print Designers"
"Have you ever been surprised by how a different color looks when printed on paper, compared to how it looks displayed on screen? Do you get frustrated by endless discussions with clients about why a printed piece looks different than the pdf they approved? This 35-minute course will explain why the colors that you see is much different from that which your monitor can display, and what your printer can output. By the end, you'll have scientific proof that you simply cannot reproduce all the colors of nature. Who Should Take This Course Print designers and producers who want to learn the essentials of working in color. Print designers who aren’t familiar with production techniques, and who want to gain a foundation for understanding the 4-color printing process, and how spot colors, such as Pantone® inks, can supplement it.  Beginner print, web, and mobile, designers who want to understand color theory. Writers and editors who want to gain insight into the design process. These students should please note: this course is technical in content, and color theory will not be covered. Users of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, who want to understand the pre-press process as it relates to color separations, and the use of spot colors, such as Pantone® inks. What’s Required A desire to explore the covered topics. Suggested Resources  Notebook & something to write with, or equivalent tools."
Price: 19.99

"Optimization & A/B Testing Statistics"
"Whether you've got a lean startup or a fat Fortune 500, the faster you learn the faster you'll grow.  Optimization and a/b testing is at the heart of learning fast. I guarantee you will learn something in this course that will raise your skill level.  With the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can't lose.  We start with the basics, then cover the 8 steps of running a solid a/b test.  Next we dive deep into the statistics behind hypothesis testing.  In the long-run you will save your organization headaches by setting up tests correctly and analyzing them with the right statistical rigour.  There is double and triple digit ROI around optimization for companies that figure it out.  Start now and impress your colleagues on Monday morning. Topics include: Examples of a/b tests Hypothesis testing Measurement as risk reduction Selecting a KPI or success metric 8 Steps for Running an A/B Test Selecting from amongs a/b test and MVT test designs Lift Threshold Null Hypothesis Statistical significance Sample size estimates confidence interval test statistic t-tests standard error of the mean chi-square Fischer Exact test Statistical Power Type I error Type II error p-values How to choose what statistical test to run"
Price: 34.99

"Get Job Interviews using Social Media (Self-Branding Studio)"
"If youre wondering how to get a job interview , here are some facts -every employer checks the online presence of a candidate before offering a job interview. If you don't have a strong online and social media presence, you may be losing interview opportunities to others. Your social media profiles represent your personal brand- and whether or not employers will see that brand favorably. While most job seekers are already on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, very few are utilizing social media properly. In this course, the experts at SocialMediaSeeds you will teach you how to get a job interview andsecure the job of your dreams, with less effort and more fun. We've included:   9 Video lectures   The best practices and personal branding tipsfor optimizing your social media profiles   How to do keyword research to affect your presence in searches   Strategies for reaching out to companies   5 Bonuses including interviews with the CEO of a career advisory firm, a consultant, a journalist, and even Ms. Corporate America</p>"
Price: 19.99

"Lectures on Greek History and Culture"
"Over the years, I've taught many different kinds of classics courses to all kinds of different audiences. This class on Udemy is a distillation of the topics that students have responded to most positively and have most often asked about. We start with a look at the physical world of the Greeks, and then take up the Iliad of Homer. After that we look in detail how Herodotus presents the beginning of the great conflict between Greece and Persian, and finish up with an overview of the various Greek philosophers. If you're taking a class in Greek culture somewhere and need a little help, or if you are a motivated autodidact, I'm sure you'll find these lectures a good step forward in your understanding and appreciation of the world of the Greeks. Thanks for having a look! -bl"
Price: 19.99

"Sales and Persuasion Skills for Startups"
"Start-ups and entrepreneurs are a mixed bunch. But one thing the winners all have in common Is – the ability to influence others. The ability to sell their ideas, sell their products, sell their service. And the graveyard of business startups is littered with companies that failed to grasp that most important, essential skill - the art of persuasion. That's what this course delivers in spades. The ability to get people to say 'YES'. So – what is unique about this course? Unlike so many courses, Len Smith is always available should you have any queries. Just email him - he's here to help. It is a living, growing course - unlike any other course, as students suggest new topics, Len adds them as bonus lessons (he calls them fireside chats). No extra cost, the course just keeps on improving. It is not designed for salespeople wanting to boost their career. Salesman of the Month! It’s not ‘evangelical’ and it’s not designed to tell you how wonderful you are – what fantastic sales talents you’ve got hidden away, just waiting to be revealed.  No – it’s for real people. Entrepreneurs. Startups. Businesspeople - starting out - who recognise they have a crying need to learn how to get other people to say YES. And that’s what we mean by sales techniques in this course. Not just selling product – although, that IS important, so we do cover all the essentials about selling your product - but it’s also about getting others to buy into your ideas. Things like, How To…. Understand people’s motives for buying – some real surprises there! Make sure you always have a clear objective – never ‘winging it’, hoping that something will come out at the end Understand different personality types – and how to turn their personality traits to your advantage Turn needs into wants - and raise the profitability of what you do, what you sell Turn objections into sales opportunities Gain control and keep the upper hand in any discussion Apply the perfect test to see if others are raising smoke screens or holding something back Overcome ‘price-itis’. Never ever having to sell down on price Understand ‘buying signals’ How to write a professional, compelling proposal Discover the best-kept secrets for overcoming road blocks like – “I’ll think about it” “I’ll think it over” Make it easy for your prospects to buy, for your business partners to say ‘yes’ There are countless courses on sales techniques. Mostly developed by trainers. This course is based on years' of personal-face-to-face experience from an expert who has worked at the coal face. Len Smith has many years' experience in sales & marketing with companies like IBM and has been associated with a number of start-up successes. Developing business and marketing plans, market research, product branding, VC funding and strategic business development. He's worked as a non-exec, involved in MBOs, company sales and a stock market flotation. He has also helped clients make the difficult leap from Europe to success in North America and the Asia Pacific Region. Clients have included IBM, Travelex, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Welcom, Marks & Spencer Financial Services and Manchester Business School. Now he shares his persuasion techniques with you."
Price: 59.99

"Cold Call 101: How to Cold Call like a Boss"
"Cold calling and talking to a stranger is the hardest thing anyone can do. However, if you're practicing customer development or conducting market research for your startup, it's super critical to get the person to speak with you on the phone and not hang up. Getting to success will consists of roadblocks in the form of gatekeepers, voicemails, and testy people who are just plain grumpy. How do you overcome your fears and get President Obama to take your call? Learn the cold calling techniques to get the most important person you need to reach on the phone, the first time. NOTE: We guarantee you'll make your investment in this course back within your first five cold call conversations!"
Price: 194.99

"Local Marketing Blue Print"
"This local internet marketing course is designed for 2 people. Business owners - The world is changing VERY rapidly and what people are trying to sell you is often times years old! In this local internet marketing course, I am going to walk you through everything you need to not only prepare for the future but also be light years ahead of your competitors. The Udemy platform is perfect for this course whether you are going to do the tasks yourself or have someone on your team do it. The content remains forever! People looking to start their own business - The local small business space is the largest untapped resource on the internet. Many small business owners know they need this service but have no idea where to start. In this course there is a special section about how we have had success approaching clients, figuring out the pricing structure, contracts, and about everything else. In this local internet marketing course, I am also going to walk you through how we: Turned a local sandwich franchise into the top 1,2, and 3 highest grossing stores in the world!! (in Lincoln, Nebraska no less). Filled a dentist office with clients for 90 days with the exact core demographic they were looking for (they had to call us and tell us to stop!). And many more case studies. So as you can see, no matter if you are a small business OR a person looking to offer local businesses these services, this local internet marketing course is a **MUST HAVE!!! ** I have sold over 3 million dollars in informational courses. Most of which at the $2,000 price point. I feel this is probably the most valuable one I have ever put out. The content is amazing and the opportunity is HUGE. Chapters Include: Working with the client Step by step walk throughs to optimize your web presense (SEO, Tracking, etc) Reputation Management (Don't wait until its too late!!!) Search engine optimization Case studies Walk throughs Take this local internet marketing course now!!!"
Price: 19.99

"Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac Tutorial - Learn The Easy Way."
"A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. This hands-on Microsoft Excel 2011 For Mac course shows you how to effectively use the many features and functions of MS Excel. You will learn to leverage the power of the most important features Excel 2011 has to offer the Apple user, whether you're working in an all-Mac office or needing to coordinate with PC counterparts. Beginning your training with the creation of a sheet to record and monitor sales data, you'll learn the basics of what you can do with spreadsheets. The course then moves on to creating a Profit and Loss report, building a solid understanding of formulas along the way. Moving to score sheets for a sports day, you will discover conditional formatting, lookups, and more. You then create a functional expense claim form and a sales contact management sheet, exploring how you can easily manipulate text, and even create mail merges from within Excel. Whether wanting to beef up your existing Excel skills or learn the program from the ground up this InfiniteSkills Excel course is a tremendous resource with over 50 lessons. What You Will Learn - How to create professional quality spreadsheets, workbooks and presentation-ready charts with one of the world's leading office productivity tools. - How to manipulate and implement data across a wide range of projects. - How to create fully compatible documents and projects that can be accessed by users working with Office for Mac products as well as Windows counterparts. Who Should Take This Course - Anyone who has used Microsoft Excel in the past but wanted a better understanding of its full range of features. - Anyone who needs an understanding of Microsoft Office software as it applies to a professional work or academic environment. - Anyone Mac user new to MS Excel wanting a user-friendly guide that introduces the program from the ground up. What People Are Saying "I swear I thought excel was the most confusing program ever created...until I started following the simple examples in YOUR course. THANKS." -Jake Swearengen "Exactly what I needed. Very direct training on each major part of the program. Guy's presentation style is straightforward and effective." -Alan Greenberg"
Price: 49.99

"Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac Tutorial"
"This versatile Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac course by InfiniteSkills covers a wide range of the program's functionality, from powerful email functions to calendar features to comprehensive task management, calendar features and notes. Whether you're moving from an older Windows version of Outlook or trying out the software for the first time, these step-by-step lessons reveal the secrets of the application and make communication and organization as simple as you've always wanted them to be. The training starts with the simple task of setting up email accounts to receive mail into MS Outlook. From there, the tutorials will teach you how to create and send emails, manage messages, and even setup your own custom signatures and aliases. You will learn how to create appointments and meetings, invite and confirm attendees, create actionable tasks, and keep track of your to-do list right within Outlook on your Mac.  What You Will Learn - How to create professional quality emails, professional notes and boardroom-ready events and invitations with one of the world's leading office communications tools. - How to manipulate and implement contact and organizational data data across a wide range of projects and accounts. - How to create fully compatible meetings, contact cards and messages that can be accessed by users working with Office for Mac products as well as Windows counterparts. Who Should Take This Course - Anyone who has used Microsoft Outlook in the past but wanted a better understanding of its full range of features. - Anyone who has high demands for email organization, task management and communications requirements. - Anyone who needs an understanding of Microsoft Office software as it applies to a professional work or academic environment. - Anyone Mac user new to MS Outlook wanting a user-friendly guide that introduces the program from the ground up. What People Are Saying "Email was one of the first things I learned as a computer user but it turns out I had been some simple mistakes for years...these videos make it easy to see how smart email policies can streamline a busy person's work life. Kudos." - Kelly McNessa  "Finally Microsoft has decided to create a REAL email client for Mac users. This was a great, simple way to get started with the application more quickly." - Deval Gupta"
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"Landing Page Design & Optimization - build pages that work!"
"    There are ways of creating a landing page, and WAYS of creating a Landing Page. Not all landing pages are built the same as you may have noticed, or if not will soon discover. You might have questions: Why do some pages fail? Can they be improved? Can we do conversion rate optimization? The answer to this is a resounding yes, yes, and with some knowledge YES!  [UPDATES planned for this course for 2020]     Whether you are a marketer, designer, growth hacker, student, entrepreneur or business owner, heck! you could even be the poor person who cops the blame for under-performing landing pages - then this conversion rate optimization course is suited to you.      I show you the most effective ways to use a landing page to: sell your products, offer your services, build your newsletter database, generate new leads whatever your purpose. You can also use this information to fix a poorly performing landing page that already exists.      Some of the things you will learn from this conversion rate optimization course include:      1.  Identifying what makes a landing page good or bad, effective or abysmal      2.  The best practices for creating pages THAT WORK - and where to begin      3.  Using Tactical Design Techniques to achieve Maximum Impact      4.  How to write GOOD, EFFECTIVE COPY to win more customers      5.  Technical considerations, hints and tips and other helpful knowledge on conversion rate optimization      6.  Optimizing your page with various tools and testing methods      7.  Effective ways to capture more leads, and reduce bounce rates        (and hopefully Converting those Leads Into Buyers or customers)      8.  And most importantly HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CONVERSIONS (and possibly your top line!)        Now wouldnt that be nice??      You dont have to shoot in the dark any longer. There are over 60+ lessons and 4.5 hours of content.You can even adjust the video playback speed to suit your learning speed. Ill provide you with a wide range of examples, lecture 'main point' summaries, printable handouts and resources to guide you through the course.      Its not rocket science, but it is an art. It requires little investment, with the potential for maximised returns.      So if you think youre ready to stop losing money, jump right in and start learning conversion rate optimization now! "
Price: 84.99

"Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 for Mac Tutorial"
"A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. This Powerpoint 2011 for Mac course from InfiniteSkills provides a powerful hands-on resource for learning the world's most popular professional presentation tool. You'll go step by step through the creative process of developing compelling presentations, complete with impressive transitions and multimedia elements. The training starts with a simple presentation, with the initial planning stages coming first. You then learn how to add and customize slides slides with text and images, as well as basic animations. As the MS Powerpoint tutorial continues, you will create a professional sales presentation, adding charts, transitions and accessible slide notes. You will then explore the possibilities of a stand-alone presentation, getting more in-depth with organizational charts, animations and music. You will also create slideshows, and build a non-linear presentation with action buttons that a viewer can easily control. Working files are included to help you get started quickly with no prior experience needed. What You Will Learn - How to create professional quality presentations, slideshows and basic animations with one of the world's leading office productivity tools. - How to manipulate and implement information and multimedia a wide range of projects. - How to create fully compatible documents and projects that can be accessed by users working with Office for Mac products as well as Windows counterparts. Who Should Take This Course - Anyone who has used Microsoft Powerpoint in the past but wanted a better understanding of its full range of features. - Anyone who needs an understanding of Microsoft Office software as it applies to a professional work or academic environment. - Anyone Mac user new to MS Powerpoint wanting a user-friendly guide that introduces the program from the ground up. What People Are Saying "I hate to say I got through college with just the most basic understanding of powerpoints but your videos definitely helped me get mine to a more professional standard." - Michelle Morris "There weren't a huge number of differences in the Mac version, but enough to throw me off and make it confusing. These quick tutorials were a big help in getting me proficient." - Bill Keilman"
Price: 49.99

"Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac Tutorial"
"A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. In this hands-on Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac course from InfiniteSkills, you'll get a fast and effective guide to the world's most widely used word processing tool. Whether you're writing a business letter, a term paper or doing a complete documentation project with a table of contents and footnotes, you'll find a host of practical tips and walkthroughs to get you started. These Apple-friendly tutorial videos show you how to turn your computer into the ultimate productivity machine, working with MS Word on its own and in conjunction with other Office tools as needed. The Word tutorials start simple. Beginning with a basic letter, you learn about setting up your document based on the project's needs. You will learn about inserting date and time, spell checking, and saving your document safely every time. You will then move on to creating a mail merges and a full email campaign, creating a manual, and even building your own templates. Throughout this impressive course, you will learn about formatting your document, inserting Table of Contents, adding images, styling text, and much, much more. What You Will Learn - How to create professional quality letters, manuals and presentation-ready documents with one of the world's leading office productivity tools. - How to manipulate and implement text and data within complex projects and workflows, including marketing and email campaigns. - How to create fully compatible documents and projects that can be accessed by users working with Office for Mac products as well as Windows counterparts. Who Should Take This Course - Anyone who has used Microsoft Word in the past but wanted a better understanding of its full range of features. - Anyone who needs an understanding of Microsoft Office software as it applies to a professional work or academic environment. - Anyone Mac user new to MS Word wanting a user-friendly guide that introduces the program from the ground up. What People Are Saying "Everyone knows Word? Think again. This video series, however, helped me get the rest of my Mac-centric office up to speed. Solid training at a more than fair price." - MK Winterson "Very very easy to follow videos. My document skills are so much better I can't wait for the rest of the office tutorials." - Fernando Diaz"
Price: 49.99

"Getting Started With Microsoft Office 2010 Tutorial"
"A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. This Getting Started with MS Office 2010 training course offers a practical launching point for the suite's many features and tools, from key functionality that has been with the software to the many new features that have been introduced. The whole point of the series is to give you the confidence and understanding you need to get productive and creative on your own in a minimal amount of time. From core tools such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint to accessories such as OneNote and Windows Live Apps, the author explains each program's functionality and gives you the push you need to get started on the right track. Perfect for users who are totally new to MS Office as well as those migrating from older editions, this course goes through the unique features of the new ribbon interface, covers key tasks in each application and explores how the programs can be used together in larger workflows. This is an excellent primer before moving into more detailed InfiniteSkills courses on Microsoft programs. What You Will Learn - How to navigate and work within the Microsoft Office productivity suite and its tools, including Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Publisher and OneNote. - How to configure and create basic documents, emails, spreadsheets, and presentations with the world's leading office communication and productivity tools. - How to use these core programs within a collaborative environment involving multiple users and workflow involving multiple applications. Who Should Take This Course - Anyone who needs an understanding of Microsoft Office software as it applies to a professional, academic, or personal environment. - New users who want a very easy to understand introduction to the purpose of MS Office programs and their new features. - Users of old versions of Microsoft Office tools wanting to know what MS Office 2010 has to offer. What People Are Saying "Coming over from Office XP, it seemed like quite a bit had changed. These lessons helped me get my bearings, and led me to some of the awesome advanced courses also narrated by Guy." - Daniel E Clyburn "Very basic, straightforward office training, but just what I needed to get set up and started for my small business. Thank you." - Pat LeFebvre"
Price: 49.99

"Advanced Microsoft Access 2010 Tutorial"
"A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. This Advanced Microsoft Access 2010 Tutorial Video picks up where the InfiniteSkills beginner course leaves off and shows how to work with some of the program's more robust database creation and management features. Presented by a professional IT trainer, the video lessons go point by point through advanced query options and form design, as well as a number of shortcuts and productivity options that can simplify and shift the way you work. Given the advanced subject matter, the order of the Access course is logical and easy to follow. The earliest lessons focus on advanced table design with indexing and input masks. The course shows how to create advanced queries using joins, unions, and sub queries, going step by step where things get complex. Lessons on advanced form design and reporting will allow you to better manage and display your data, and the course's full chapter on Macros make it easy to manage and access data in Access 2010. Project files are included to match the examples onscreen. What You Will Learn - How to perform advanced data manipulation across multiple databases and sources. - How to create complex user forms that will improve the quality and quantity of data collected. - How to perform crucial management and maintenance functions using Access utilities and commands. - How to enhance and develop secure, compatible databases that can be accessed by users working with Office products and common industry standards such as SQL. Who Should Take This Course - Anyone with a basic understanding of Microsoft Access who wants to unlock the program's power user capabilities and security features. - Anyone who wants to implement Access solutions within SQL-based and mixed environments. - Access administrators looking to work faster and smart through shortcuts and macros that automate repetitive tasks. What People Are Saying "I was told we'd have to move everything over to MySQL to get the security we needed, but these tutorials helped me prove otherwise. The lessons on encryption were perfect." - Hank Mascis "I am genuinely impressed with what is capable with Access now. It's improved greatly over the years, and this training and the VBA course has helped me see the light." - V Spinotto"
Price: 49.99

"Microsoft Outlook 2010 Tutorial - Learning Made Easy"
"A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course. This Microsoft Outlook 2010 training course from InfiniteSkills provides a complete guide to streamlining email, calendars and organization within this massively popular Office program. This multi-part course shows not only how to set up the application to fit your professional needs but also how to save time by becoming more organized and accomplishing basic tasks more efficiently. The training starts with the basics of what Outlook 2010 is, as Guy leads viewers through the configuration of email accounts, email organization options, and using the program's contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes features. The course even covers connecting to a Microsoft Exchange Server, which users working within a bigger business environment will especially find useful. By focusing on professional, real world challenges and tasks, the Outlook course helps you understand its role as a critical business tool. What You Will Learn - How to create professional quality emails, professional notes and boardroom-ready events and invitations with one of the world's leading office communications tools. - How to manipulate and implement contact and organizational data data across a wide range of projects and accounts. - How to create fully compatible meetings, contact cards and messages that can be accessed by users working with Office products and common industry standards. Who Should Take This Course - Anyone who has used Microsoft Outlook in the past but wanted a better understanding of its full range of features. - Anyone who has high demands for email organization, task management and communications requirements. - Anyone who needs an understanding of Microsoft Office software as it applies to a professional work or academic environment. - Any user new to MS Outlook wanting a user-friendly guide that introduces the program from the ground up. What People Are Saying "I feel far more organized and far more efficient from the minute I log onto my machine at work. Can't think of a better way to learn. Thank you." - J Waterford "Guy gives the insiders' guide...he goes through just about all the tools, and he's really good at showing which ones work the best." - Mark Escovedo"
Price: 49.99