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Bamboo Lotus Serving Board
"A party that leaves you feeling enlightened? That's a thing of beauty. It all starts with a lotus-shaped bamboo server, whose petals provide space for all your snacks: cheese, crackers, veggie sticks, and a bowl of hummus or dip in the center. It makes..."
Price: 48

Industrial Brass & Copper Drink Dispenser
"Your at-home bar deserves a little edge. Made by hand, this industrial drink dispenser sports a handsome length of copper tubing that hugs any bottle?and aerates its contents, too. The unique attachment allows bottles of all types to connect seamlessly..."
Price: 160

Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set
"Spa days always leave us wondering, Where in my house should the aromatherapy steam room go? Hold off on renovating, because these cubes fill your shower with soothing essential oil scents like lemongrass and lavender. Use as a body scrub, or just..."
Price: 48

Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book
"He lifts doughnut trucks in danger with his super strength, and takes on evil stuffed animals with a wham! and a pow! He's Mega Dad. This custom hard-cover comic book incorporates your kid's name and the Mega Dad of your choice (pick from three skin..."
Price: 35

Together We are Home
"Your hometown and your love. The two things that make your heart swirl come together in Rachel Alvarez's sentimental piece. She paints each state by hand (even its complex edges), and then personalizes each with your names or family name and a special..."
Price: 160

Ceramic Phone Amplifier
"Add cool-looking acoustics to your streaming sound with Heather and Myles Geyman's handmade ceramic phone amplifier. An elegant blend of classic material, modern form, and impeccable craftsmanship, its shape is artfully designed to give your phone's..."
Price: 48

Bejeweled Treasure Bracelet
"Skilled local townspeople in Gloucester, Massachusetts, make Vanessa Savlen's exquisite cuff bracelet by looping, twisting, and wrapping different gauges of sterling silver wire on a bronze and sterling framework. This unusual, solder-free technique..."
Price: 125

Bluebird Wall Hanging
"The Iroquois have a legend: Bluebirds perched on snow-covered branches use their song to cast off winter. Artisans in Bali hand carve these cheerful hanging sculptures, which bring warm and sunny feelings to your porch or garden. Each feathered friend..."
Price: 45

Moving Peacock Garden Sculpture
"Real, live peacocks sure are stunning?and boy, do they love to dig up flower beds in pursuit of yummy worms. This spectacular peafowl, handmade from lake rocks and welded steel, is content to just stand in your garden looking gorgeous. When the wind..."
Price: 80

Spirit Animal Necklaces
"Inside you there are primal, inherent characteristics like a creature of the wild. Wear your spirit animal proudly with these six playful pendants by Britta Ambauen. Are you: A. Perceptive like an owl? B. Joyful as a hummingbird? C. Peaceful like a..."
Price: 85

His & Hers Gardener Duckies
"Ducks may be associated with air or water, but this pair of darling duckies really digs gardening. Each one is hand-carved from sustainable bamboo and reclaimed teak by artisans in Indonesia, and finished with hand-painted sun hats, overalls, and..."
Price: 36

Crystal Intention Carry Box Necklaces
"Think of Satya Scainetti's lotus pendants like lockets of a spiritual sort. Each necklace comes with nine petite crystals: three clear quartz, three rose quartz, and three amethyst. Slide the stone of your choosing inside as a symbol of a special..."
Price: 95

Tiki Cocktail Glasses
"A successful luau should include: Grass skirts, a ukulele, these tiki glasses. While you work on the outfit and music, we'll handle the glasses. These beautiful designs bring a Hawaiian touch to your next party or just dinner with friends. Andrew..."
Price: 144

Words with Family Serving Tray
"If there's a gene for friendly competition, your family has passed it down generation to generation. Give them a gift they'll use every game night: this personalized tray for all-important snacks. An elegant tree celebrates the stable roots a family..."
Price: 85

Zen Llama Garden Sculpture
"Michael Gentilucci's ultra-Zen llama is ready to peace out. Crafted from durable sealed cement, this sweet sculpture's designed to add calm and whimsy to your garden in equal measure. His meditative pose, cozy robe, and warm presence make him the..."
Price: 69

Glass Heart Window Charm
"Hung from a window, the sun makes Stephen Kitras's hand-blown heart charm glow, the same way love does to real hearts. Swirling blue and green glass, like a miniature ocean, speak of the boundless love you feel. Sentimental? Absolutely. And in the..."
Price: 26

The Gift Of You Adoption Necklace
"Family. So often it's something we find. Kathy Bransfield created this sweet piece for adoptive parents and their children. Cast in sterling silver, it's etched with a sentimental message: The first time I saw you was like a dream come true. I didn't..."
Price: 52.99

Rooted in Love Swing Sculpture
"Together, you might just touch the sky. Catherine Murphy's copper sculpture is a tribute to a love that's both grounded and soars to great heights. She hand-sculpts each piece, giving it a vibrant patina and a swing that really moves (don't worry, the..."
Price: 145

The Adjustable Bag
"The old suitcase dilemma. No, not the one where you find a bag full of money and have to decide what to do. (Turn it in...right?) The one where you don't know which one to bring on vacation, especially if your trip has multiple parts. Our versatile,..."
Price: 149

Restorative CBD Balm Set In Pouch
"Aches, pains, and irritations will run the other way when they come face-to-face with these lip and body balms packed with powerful, natural opponents. The big hitter is organic, Colorado hemp extract, believed to aid with inflammation and pain. Arnica..."
Price: 44

Secret Message Custom Pouch
"It's what's on the inside that counts. Unzip this leather-alternative pouch to find a loving message printed on the cotton lining. It's just the right size for storing cosmetics, stowing in a weekend bag, or keeping your everyday tote organized?all..."
Price: 48

Recycled Glass Poppies Nightlight
"There?s an enchanting scene in a classic movie where the heroine is lulled to sleep in a field of bright red poppies. Sure, we rooted for her to get back on the yellow brick road, but that nap did look awfully nice. Let the textured, recycled glass..."
Price: 38

Compact Packable Travel Neck Pillow
"To all the roadtrip daydreamers and airplane nappers out there, this one's for you. No matter the transportation or the destination, never compromise on coziness with this modern neck pillow. The lightweight, stylish design wraps comfortably around..."
Price: 60

Personalized Wood Cut City Map
"Call us romantics, but we think it?s possible to be in love with a city. Celebrate the locale that means the most to you with this detailed, laser-cut wooden and cork map. In this extra special personalized version, you can not only mark your favorite..."
Price: 175

Turntable Cheese Board
"Throwing a dinner party? Here's our tip for setting the mood: good tunes and tasty hors d'oeuvres. This rockin' serving board lets you present your favorite cheeses while paying homage to vinyl. Designed to look like a record player, the turntable is..."
Price: 75

Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board
"Maximum spread with minimal footprint: That's what every good entertainer craves. This collapsible cheese board delivers. With special sockets for ceramic serving bowls, a groove that keeps your favorite crackers contained, and a secret drawer stocked..."
Price: 85

Wall Chess
"The average game of chess takes roughly 40 moves. All those moments thinking (and lingering a liiittle too long on a piece) add up, so finding time to sit down to a battle for the board isn't always easy. This pretty oak set solves that problem, while..."
Price: 175

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board
"Taking its cues from the cheese world, this unique design is delightful as a wedge, but even better as an entire wheel. The compact board starts in a triangular shape, but transforms into a tiered server for your favorite cheeses and appetizers...."
Price: 78

Personalized Fan Family Art - Baseball
"Maybe you've never caught a foul ball in your cap, but any time you're in the stands with your family is worth celebrating. Patricia Carlin's charming personalized artwork lets you fill the seats with a colorful line-up of 3-14 characters, custom..."
Price: 150

Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses - Set of 2
"Calling a baseball stadium just a building is like calling the Louvre just a museum. A true fan's ballpark is sacred ground, and these are a true fan?s pint glasses. Each set of two features an overhead map of an iconic MLB stadium in the team's two..."
Price: 38