Easy Peasy Social Media Bundle
"Speed up your workflow and easily save or edit your photos with the following kits: The Easy Peasy Social Media Image Kit, 20+ Instagram Promotional Image Templates and The Easy Peasy Image to Background."
Price: 19

The Corporate Bundle
"Tools for creating excellent corporate design: 187 vector illustrations, 10 fully editable Vector infographics, 2 massive Vector Packs with infographic elements, 7 Vector Packs with business-tpe elements, 42 Unique PowerPoint Presentation slides 42 Unique Business Presentation layouts for Illustrator."
Price: 39

The Logo Pack
"The logo is the most important part of the business because it gives your company an identity, and it ™s one of the first things potential customers make contact with. What you get: 70+ logo templates in .Ai and .EPS format, for different categories: business, fashion, food etc. Easy to edit and customize. Various styles to suit multiple projects: from flat to illustrative, to outline or minimalist and more! Only free fonts used. In the download links you will receive a .txt file with all the fonts used in this collection. An extended license. This means you can use these logos in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects!"
Price: 19

50 Vintage T-shirt Designs
T-shirts are more than just some piece of clothing they ™re a way of expressing yourself and sometimes of standing out in the crowd. That ™s why we thought to bring you today a collection of 50 top-notch t-shirt designs! They are 100% vectors and ready for print. The number of colors is kept to a minimum and they come on separate layers.
Price: 30

Easy Peasy Natural Look Photoshop Action
"The set of actions guides you through each step, and you only have to add in a few brush strokes. You don ™t even need a graphic tablet for it, you can simply do it with your mouse. These are the highest quality effects you can ever use and they work on both amateur and professional photos. This is truly the simplest way to edit photos, hands down. Heck, we even got our boss to use it successfully, and he can barely use Photoshop!"
Price: 12

1000+ Photoshop Resources Bundle
"Photoshop is still a powerful tool and the design software of choice for millions of designers around the world. You will receive a massive collection of 1000+ Photoshop resources that will speed up your workflow and increase your efficiency. You will get 150 PS actions, 459 PS styles and 400+ PS brushes and add-ons."
Price: 59

The Essential Branding Kit
"Creating the branding for a client is one of the most challenging projects a designer can take. You will receive 500+ top-notch resources that will help you achieve professional results in no time. Plus, the fully editable files allow you to easily customize them in order to fit your needs. You will get the Premium Logo Builder, MockupZilla 2: The Super Premium Business Cards Collection, The Super Premium Photoshop Mock-Ups Collection, TextZilla 350 Super Premium Text Styles for Illustrator and 17 Soft Grunge Textures."
Price: 45

The Gorgeous Watercolor Collection
"The great thing about this deal is that all elements were handmade with real watercolor, by professional designers. Plus, besides all the Photoshop assets like brushes and textures, you ™ll get plenty of vector goodies to spice up your work. You will get 42 vector clip art sets, 25 handmade textures, 35 Photoshop brushes, 40 high-res Photoshop brushes and as a bonus, 1 Photoshop Action to get that amazing watercolor effect on any picture."
Price: 22

The Ultimate Textures Bundle
"Textures are an instrumental part of a designer ™s toolbox! They are a simple and effective way to add depth to a project you ™re working on. Used creatively, they can help you highlight certain elements and can guide the eye exactly where you want. The bundle offers over 180 high resolution textures that come with a variety of styles."
Price: 24

The Colossal Bundle & Jumbozilla
"In this exclusive offer, we combined two of our best-selling deals: The Colossal Bundle worth $32,518 and JumboZilla, in order to give you the biggest design bundle on the web at an incredible 99.9% discount!"
Price: 139

The Vector Clip Art Mega Pack
Stock up now on a huge collection of brand-new vector clip art elements! You ™ll receive over 950 elements that cover dozens of categories: from holidays to decorations to travel and everything in between!
Price: 19

198 Fully Editable Typography Presets
"The bundle includes 198 Fully Editable Typography Presets, 47 Fonts and 5 New Premium Fonts with Special Characters."
Price: 24

The Complete Illustrator & Photoshop Addons Mega Pack
"Our good friends from DesignTNT are back with another special offer: a brand new mega pack of addons for Illustrator and Photoshop. This huge collection features hundreds of unique resources that are guaranteed to help you in any project you have! You will get 96 Photoshop Actions, 107 AI Graphic Styles, 116 PS Graphic Styles and 3 After Effects Kinetic Typography Templates."
Price: 49

The Ginormous Bundle
"The bundle offers a huge collection of top-quality design resources that will help you save precious time and huge amounts of money! You will get Vector resources, Photoshop brushes and actions, as well as web elements, patterns, fonts and Pixel Perfect Icons."
Price: 39

500 Top Quality Illustrations
"You will get 500 premium vector illustrations, covering different categories such as: holidays, floral, weddings and save the date, birthdays and so much more. And because we like to spice things up, you ™ll see that all these resources come in a variety of styles: from flat to vintage to watercolor and beyond "" everything you could possibly need is in here!"
Price: 29

300 Seamless Patterns with an Extended License
"Wanting to help you, we ™re bringing you this HUGE collection of high-quality seamless patterns. You will get 30 different vectors packs, with a total of 300 patterns, such as: flowers, summer, medical, nature, fruits, sports, travel, wedding and so many more!"
Price: 24.99

Beautiful Watercolor Collection with 540+ Elements
"Brush up on the watercolor design trend with this beautiful collection! You will receive 540+ stunning elements, including watercolor flowers, birds, frames, watercolor wallpaper and so much more."
Price: 49

120 Abstract Illustraions with an Extended License
"Upgrade your artist ™s toolbox with this stunning collection of abstract illustrations! You will receive 120 of them packed in 15 different sets. From summer illustrations, to fruits, coffee, nature and so much more, everything is in here."
Price: 20

Get 250+ Flat Lay Clipart Elements
This deal brings you 250+ flat lay vector clipart elements that will help you tackle different types of projects.
Price: 19

The Patterns Mega Bundle
"Wanting to help you, we ™re bringing you this massive collection of 2000 patterns. They come with an extended license and cover different categories: from holidays to love, nature, food & drinks and so much more!"
Price: 32

Decorations Toolkit
"The Decorations Toolkit brings a new and extremely efficient way to handle and work with hundreds of resources simultaneously. You can now access all the items directly from Adobe Illustrator, anytime you need them. Just two clicks away."
Price: 49

2015 Best-Selling Bundles for 99% OFF
"Get the biggest design bundle on the web at a massive 99% off! In this exclusive offer, we combined our 4 best-selling bundles from 2015, so don ™t miss your chance to upgrade your library now!"
Price: 159

100 Premium T-Shirt Designs
"Just take a look at what they ™ve prepared for you: 100 premium t-shirt vectors, carefully crafted with lots of love and attention! They cover various themes: from funny messages to cute animals and so much more!"
Price: 49

"Bundlezilla 2 "" Best-Selling Resources for 95% OFF!"
"Today, besides all the other deals, Inky has prepared another wicked surprise. A special bundle stuffed with some of his most popular resources, now available at a huge 95% off!"
Price: 35

"Inky Special "" The Typography Super Bundle & 357 Seamless Patterns"
"This Inky Special brings you two of our superstar deals at a massive 99% off: The Typography Super Bundle & 357 Premium Seamless Patterns. You will get 407 typographic elements divided into lots of different categories, 323 beautiful graphic styles and 42 different vectors packs, with a total of 357 patterns."
Price: 45

The Graphtastic Bundle
"Brace yourself for the new Graphtastic Bundle! It comes fully packed with all the resources you need to wow your clients and take your design career to the next level! Every item is professionally crafted and will help you work faster than ever. The illustrations are fully editable and they cover tons of different categories and styles. From flat to watercolor "" we ™ve got you covered!"
Price: 59



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